About me

I am a cross-discipline graphic designer, software developer and engineer.

I am passionate about team organisation and workflow.

The next page is about my technical roles in post-production and Software Development.



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Latest Showreel

This page shows recent design work done for Broadcast clients, including Cartoon Network, TNT and Jetix.

You can watch this showreel on Vimeo.


What I do:

Cartoon and 3D Compositing

The football from the original show was rebuilt in 3D to allow further animation. Characters were cut and integrated with stock photographs

Client: Jetix [Disney Channel]

Motion Graphics - Promotions - Commercials

Mixed use of Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya and After Effects for TV promotions and commercials.

Client: Cartoon Network EMEA.

Design and Animation

Set built in Illustrator, character animation in Flash, compositing After Effects.

Client: CNX [Turner Broadcasting]

Channel Branding

In this example, taking the client concept idea from design to finish, using Autodesk Maya and After Effects.

Client: TNT [Turner Broadcasting]

3D Motion Graphics (Autodesk Maya / Cinema4D)

Camera and object positions were exported from Maya to allow further versions to be made entirely in After Effects.

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