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Things I have done

  • Military service in Brussels as a photographer
  • DJ for a local radio station.
  • Drum Scanner operator.
  • Used a 8x10in large format camera for building surveys.
  • Colorist for VFX on French feature film.
  • My first Linux installs: Linux PowerPPC and RedHat 6.2

These photographs, reminiscent of my work with a large format camera:


Computers I have used

I have used a few computer systems of historical interest:

  • SMT Goupil 3. Running a Logo interpreter.
  • Symbolics Lisp Machine,
  • Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) VAX11/780 under VMS.
  • Used the Macsyma computer algebra system
  • Silicon Graphics (SGI) Indigo and Indy workstations. Running Alias|Wavefront Studio on SGI Irix.


This site

This site is built as a static site using the Yaml CSS Framework.

To do:

  • Build with a static generator.
  • Update to Bootstrap CSS and HTML5.
  • Use Google webfonts.


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