I have a cross-discipline mindset with a formal training in Telecoms Engineering and Computer Science.

Throughout my career, I have used and supported a wide variety of graphic workstations and operating systems.

I have recently finished a Master in Computer Science at Oxford Brookes.



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Software Engineering

My lifelong passion for computing and programming has led me to study for a Master in Computer Science. I graduated in September 2014.

My research interests are:

  • Compiler construction and Language definition. Illustrated by my application for the Google Summer of Code 2013.
  • Web application development (AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Flask). Illustrated by my Color Calculator web app.
  • Linux system administration and application development.
  • Formal methods, formal specification and modelling, design by contract, and applications to test driven development.

I am also a Linux user since the release of RedHat 6.2.


Technical Direction

I enjoy solving problemsHello I'm Wolf. that involve Geometry, Computer programming, Optics and Maths.

This interest appears in my roles in 3D Computer Graphics or animation, when I offer solutions using programming or physical modeling.

The following video shows some rigging done in Autodesk Maya:


Post-Production Support

My previous role was post-production analyst. I am still taking an Engineer role when I am involved with:

  • Technical support for production. (Application scripting, Render Farm setup)
  • Technical writing (Documentation and Guidelines)
  • Color Science and Color Management


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